5 Must Have Kitten Heel Styles For Working Women

If you love wearing heels, but do not wish to feel uncomfortable wearing them all day, then do invest in good kitten heels. A style which was popularized by Audrey Hepburn, Kitten heels are basically one inch heels which are super comfortable and therefore can be worn as an office wear. Here are a few patterns which you should have if you wish to go forward with this style…

Black pumps– A black pair of heels is an absolute must have for every working women. So when you invest in black heels for office wear then do go for black kitten heels pumps. This pattern will go with almost everything you have lined up in your wardrobe.

Nude shades– Needless to say that a pair of nude heels is an another must have thing. Your kitten heels in nude shade will make sure you put your best foot forward without compromising on comfort.

Strappy heels– In summers you just need to let your feet breathe, and what can be better than to wear a strappy footwear for the same. Also a pair of strappy heels look super feminine.

Animal prints– An animal print is a must have footwear style for those extra special occasions when you want to feel special.

Contrast colors– Contrast shades like pink, blue, orange or any other not so common shade is also a great option to have for those peppy mood days. Plus wearing a bright shade footwear is always a good option to add color to your monochrome dressing.

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