7 Summer 2021 Footwear Trends

Wondering what is in fashion right now. Well we give you a few insights into summer 2021 footwear trends. Have a look…

Cushioned Flip flops– Simple flip flops with nice cushioning for comfortable feet is what you can bet at most of the times in summer.

Square toes– Square toes sandals are in fashion since quite some time. And yes they remain to rule the fashion scene in this season too. So whether flats or heels, you can choose anything in this style.

Platform heels– Your feet will thank this another heel style from the past this summer. It’s a must have footwear style for those who want to wear heels but do not want to burden the foot while doing so.

Sporty sandals– Sporty sandals have a different charm, especially when worn with structured or basic sporty silhouettes. These are another great thing to invest in this summer.

Chain detailing– Chin detailing is one more thing which you can lookout this summer while choosing your footwear. They can be in form of small detailing or even as bold settings.

Fishnet– This breathable fabric will be perfect as a summer wear style. Try having them in pastel or bold colors and they will surely look impressive.

Kitten heels– What can be better than to wear nice comfortable kitten heels in summers. It adds to your height while making you feel comfortable.

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