7 Bag Trends Which Will Be In Fashion In 2021

If you are someone who always likes to be in sync with the fashion, or if you like to follow trends then this article in for you. Watch out for these bag trends which will rule 2021.

Chunky chains– Chunky chains are in fashion. Be it the regular sparkling ones or the colored neon ones, they are all in fashion.

Feathers– This bag is for those special occasions when you simply want to look chic. Bags done in any kind of feather will be your ultimate party wear.

Fisherman’s net bag– Though not a very practical stuff but this style will also be in fashion this year. And though you cannot store miniature or small stuff in this bag, but it will be a nice change from your regular hand bags. It can act as a good shopping or a beach bag.

Rafia bags– Rafia is natural and therefore people who love exploring natural fabrics can have one more thing to explore with this one. And off course Rafia comes in different textures with varied difference, so you will get variety of choices when shopping for this bag.

Structured Round bags– Structured round bags are in too. So if you are trying to invest in a new shape then you know where to do it.

Oversized totes– A Tote bag is every working women’s favorite one. But this year it will be more dominant in an oversized version.

Cloud bags– Slouchy and soft cloud bags are in fashion too.

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