Bag Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

If you are thinking of changing your bag collection, then this list will surely help you in making the right choices. These are the bag trends for 2020….

Micro bags– Small sized bags are really in fashion for 2020. So if you always cribbed about carrying large handbags, then this is the time to invest in some miniature bags.

Bucket bag– Bucket bags are really fun to carry. Invest in a good brand and you won’t be left dissapointed.

Frame bags– Bags with shiny frames should also to be checked out. They make up for some really good well constructed bags.

Hobo bags– Hobo bags in different sizes are in fashion too.

Rafia bags– Rafia bags have a very earthy and natural feel. It adds a very minimal touch to your look, and is also a great option to wear for a beach vacation.

Oversized sacs– Oversized bags have again secured their place in the list.

Bourgeois bags– This well constructed silhouette is generally a staple to every wardrobe.

Colorful bag– Summers and colors go hand in hand, therefore use bright and colorful handbags in this season.

Chains– Just like the footwear trend, the chains have made their presence felt even in handbags.

Bamboo handles– To add a natural feel to the modern craft, bags with bamboo handles will also be big this year.

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