5 Ways To Go Plastic Free In Daily Life

Fighting plastic has become as important as fighting terrorism in world today. But if all of us make a few changes in our daily lives then we can definitely go a little closer in achieving a plastic free environment. Here are a few tricks…

Say no to plastic water bottles– Invest in a good steel water bottle, no aluminum please and make it a habit to fill it and carry whenever you step out of the house. This way you won’t have to spend money in buying plastic water bottles outside.

Stop using plastic carry bags– You end up piling up so much plastic at home after buying grocery and vegetables. And all of this because its not in habit to carry reusable cloth bags. Next time hang couple of cloth bags in different sizes next to your main door, so that when you leave to buy something you catch hold of one bag instantly.

Carry containers when you travel out– While going out to Mc Donald, Subway or any other restaurant might seem fancy, but do you understand how much waste and plastic you bring home while ordering the take away food or asking to repack the leftover food. Well don’t shy away from giving your own steel containers while asking them to pack a leftover. You can also request for coffee, tea and other drinks like this.

Find alternative to plastic packaging– Many things which we use regularly like milk, ice cream, pulses etc. come with plastic packaging. Well you yourself will have to find alternatives to the brands selling in plastic containers. For example buy pulses from a local grocery store which lets you fill your containers or simply offers you to take things in paper bags. Though even paper bags are not recommended but they are better than the plastic ones.

For ice cream prefer having a cone instead of using a ice cream packed in a plastic box. Well the trick is that when you are a little aware, you yourself find alternatives.

Watch out for beauty products– Now almost all the beauty products like shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, moisturizers lotions etc. are packed in plastic bottles. The best alternative would be to look out for better brands which use glass or cardboard packaging. And have you herd of shampoo bars, not yet then google it.

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