Tips For Achieving A Zero Waste Kitchen

A zero waste kitchen is a dream for every person who believes in gifting a better future to the next generation.Here are few tips how you can start with it….

Use cloth bags for shopping– Ever imagined what to do with those harmful poly bags after you are done buying groceries. Well its hard to put them at use afterwards, and even if we manage to do so everyone knows that they are so harmful to the environment. So next time you plan your shopping take the reusable cloth bags instead. Cloth bags are easy to maintain and easily washable too. You can also cut your old T-shirts and turn them into bags for this purpose. For the video watch here….

Use Your own airtight containers-Although this idea would sound bizarre to start with, but this definitely is going to make a big difference if you are really keen on the primary idea. Most of the items we purchase are pre packed in plastic containers or in poly bags and after you are done using them, you are left with tons of these packaging. Well we don’t say that you will be able to replace everything but you definitely will find substitute to few things like buying pulses and grains in your own containers made of glass or steel can really help to start with. Remember how our parents and their parents did shopping, well you might get a clue from there.

Now the request to weigh your containers before the purchase will be turned down by most of the grocery stores, but incase if you are lucky you will be able to find one kind of a store for yourself. Otherwise you can use poly bags to buy loose grains and empty the contents in your jar at home. Keep these poly bags safely for your next visit. Plus plastic free kitchen is always a good option and the food stays better in airtight steel containers.

Buy less– Ok this is something all of us can relate too. Always remember that buying is easy but to put it to use is not that easy. So once you are inside a departmental store the packaging and the offers on the products will attract you to buy them, but give yourself a minute and think that will you be able to really use it or is it going into the dustbin after a few weeks. Its perfectly fine if you do not have three kind of cheese or four flavor of noodles at home. The less you buy sooner you will be able to consume the things you bought, and its always better to have lesser things, than to consume them just because you bought them and they are next to expiry.

Ditch paper napkins and disposables– It might sound like getting hard on yourself as its difficult to imagine life without the napkins. They are easy to use, but imagine how many trees are cut down to make them. Well now you have the answer, infact put your old T shirts to use by cutting them like napkins in different sizes. Similarly disposables are also a big no, use normal cutlery instead.

Use reusable beewax wraps– Foil papers and plastic wraps are a no good to the food nor to the environment, therefore choose reusable beewax food wraps instead.

Compost at home– If you are the one who loves gardening, you know what we are talking about. In earlier times we use to feed the peels to the animals but since this is no more possible in the modern world, all you can do is to create a compost at home instead of pilling up your dustbin with more garbage.This will really help you create a good soil for your plants.

Do not waste food– Remember money is yours, but resources belong to everyone. Do not waste food and water by any means, there are a lot of people who are not getting basic necessities like three meals a day and proper drinking water. Get creative with your recipes and think of how to reuse the leftovers of yesterday’s dinner into today’s breakfast or just feed someone hungry.

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