4 Ways To Achieve A Zero Waste Kitchen

We have often heard about a zero waste lifestyle which luckily more and more people are joining in.

Its the need of the hour to go this way as we have already burdened earth with so much waste which will take ages to decompose.

But how about managing your waste.

Well we have few tricks which can lessen your kitchen waste at least….

Say no to plastic and paper bags– Well we all know what plastic is doing to our planet, its high time that we stop buying stuff in plastic packaging or polythene bags. So what do we do to manage the routine work, well use a cloth bag which can be used numerous times instead of those harmful poly bags which will never decompose. You can get them stitched in different sizes, infact your old T-shirt can be turned into a carry bag and that too without sewing it.

Watch this video for more info. Also you can opt for loose and local groceries instead of buying packaged items. The same thing goes for the paper bags, if they are recycled then its fine but if not then we know that we are standing on the verge of major global warming and trees are super important for the planet to cut them down for useless reasons.

Create a kitchen compost– This is something which every household should work on. Everyday we create so much of kitchen waste like peels of different vegetables and fruits, tea leaves etc which goes directly inside the dustbin without putting them to use. Earlier mothers use to collect all these things and create a compost which was later used as a natural fertilizer for plants. But with time we have become lazy to do so. This fertilizer is a boon for plants and helps them grow naturally, plus you get rid of the guilt of increasing your thrash unnecessarily.

Use less of Disposable material– Items like paper towels, Kitchen napkins, plastic cutlery and disposable plates etc. are very easy to use and throw but they create a lot of unwanted thrash. Instead use cloth towels which can be reused and try to use normal cutlery wherever possible. You can go for compostable plates and cutlery available online if you really want to use them or get those made with natural materials like bamboo.

Use biodegradable dustbin bags– Imagine creating a big trash bag for mother earth everyday which will never compost. Exactly 365 per year to be precise from your own house, minus the ones that would be extra. All of this multiply by the 75% of the world’s population is enough to create a serious damage to the environment. Compostable versions of these bags are easily available on websites like amazon.

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