Reusing Plastic bottles For DIY projects

Almost all of us have spare bottles of plastic at home, which we get after having cold drinks or any other edible items.

The bottles look nice and we tend to save them for future use, but do not know what to do with them at the end of the day.

Well we have some interesting DIY ideas for you to try with plastic bottles… they are….


Planter potsSummers are here and this is the best time to invest in small decorative and ornamental plants. Use plastic bottles as a planter pot for the plants like succulents or mother of pearls,or you can also grow kitchen herbs in them. For this take a bottle and cut it into half or the length required by you. Paint them in different colors or just leave them as is. Be as creative as you can for creating textures on the pot. They will look good when displayed on center tables, console or windows.


Plastic bottle zipper container– One great idea is to turn them into containers which can be used to keep stationary items like sketch pens, colored pencils etc. You can also use it to store grocery items like pulses, rice etc. and keep them as kitchen storage containers. The best thing is that they have zipper in between which makes them easy to handle.

Recycled Accessory– Well tits and bits of plastic can also be used to create a fancy piece of jewelry like earrings, neck pieces etc. Cutout small shapes from the plastic bottle in different sizes and turn them into nice earrings. You can also mix colored and transparent plastic for a colorful look.


Lamps for home decor– Turn coke bottles into nice colorful lamps for the corner of your home by winding it with colored embroidery threads. Guests will definitely ask you where you bought them from.


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