Make A Modern Home With Ceiling Wallpapers

Wallpapers look beautiful and are the easiest way to decorate walls, they give a nice artistic look to the home.

They are available in many designs and patterns and the best thing is that you can also get them customized according to your space requirements.

Generally wallpapers are used for walls but using them for ceiling is something great.

Here are few ideas….

Matching tones– Match the color of the wallpaper to the color of the interiors like the walls and furniture. It is one of the best thing when you want to add a texture and color to the ceiling. Decide on the size and pattern of the motifs to be selected, for small spaces motifs which are small in size are better as the space wont do justice to the bigger ones. Whereas for bigger spaces you can go for bold and big motifs.


Faux midnight fall ceiling– These cute little sparkling star pattern will add a charm to the ceiling of your room. They look great at night and are great for the bedroom area. It is also apt for kids room and they will definitely love gazing stars at night.


Clouds pattern– If you are a nature lover and love the view of natural sky, then the wallpaper with clouds pattern is the best thing for the ceiling. These wallpapers are available in different patterns like the plain one or the one with the birds motifs.


Geometric patterns– For modern homes, geometric designs is something which can be tried without a doubt. If normal patterns do not inspire you, then try this for the ceiling.


Floral patterns– They are the best option when choosing a wallpapers for homes, but try it for the ceiling too, it will lift up the look of a ordinary room and turn it into a master piece.



Image Reference: Pinterest

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