5 Planter Pots Which Are Excellent For Home Decor

Decorating home with green elements is the perfect choice that you can make to make your home look more natural. But simply growing indoor plants randomly does not makes a big difference, till the time you don’t plan your stuff according to the theme for the chosen space. Simple tricks like using interesting planter pots and highlighting an area with them surely brings a lot of change to the entire look. Here are some choices……

Metallic hanging pots– Hanging planter pots are best for small spaces where you do not want to clutter things on the floor. In general too hanging pots look great to decorate hook and corners. Planter pots in various metallic shades make sure that your plants look best when nothing else works out.

Glass bottles– Now depending upon the size of your plant, glass bottles are available in different shapes and sizes. When you do not want to add a color or a metal to your design theme, then glass pots comes to your rescue.

Elegant ceramic pots– Ceramic pots are available in natural to neutral colors. They also come in various pastel and mix and match colors and patterns. Using them is one of the best way to decorate your home with different plants. They come in different sizes and are apt for indoor plants.

Planter stands– You can choose a bunch of single planter stands or can also go for one stand which holds multiple plants. When you have space which is going unused, or if there is a corner which needs to be revamped with some green and natural elements then use planter pots to use the space in the best way possible.

Quirky products– Nowadays many quirky and fun products are available which serve as a perfect planter pot for indoor plants. Do consider them when choosing pots for your home.

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