5 Simple Ideas To Use Fresh Flowers For Traditional Home Decor

A simple flower decoration can make a big difference to any kind of decor. But when you are looking for some simple and easy home decor ideas then real flower decoration really comes to the rescue, as it not only looks great but adds a fresh and divine aura to the entire ambience. These simple flower decor ideas can be done by yourself and are quite apt for any occasion like a pooja gatherings or a pre wedding functions which you are celebrating at home where a traditional set up is needed for the decor.

Triangular decor– Simple triangular pattern can be used to create a beautiful border design to cover up larger spaces. Use different colored flowers to make the pattern more attractive and distinctive.

The wavy pattern– You can use this kind of an easy arrangement for the indoor spaces where lighting up a diya or a candle is easy. Double colored marigold flower strings loosely arranged in a curve or a wavy pattern can be filled with rose petals. Place a candle or a diya to make the arrangement look more beautiful.

Create an entrance– Whenever you plan to do home decor for any occasion never forget to decorate the main entrance of the house. You can simply use fresh flower strings all over the entrance door along with some props kept on the sides. Pick different colored flowers to make the design look striking.

Use earthen pots– Using traditional earthen pots or brassware can make a lot of difference to the decor. You can use them with fresh flower strings, candles, fairy lights and what not.

Don’t ignore the existing stuff– While decorating the house if you find stuff which can be further decorated with flowers then do try to make it more impressive. For example console tables, area around the plants, existing brassware etc. can all be decorated creatively for more impressive setting.

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