Diya Decoration For Diwali

Using an earthen diya for decoration and for lighting up homes is the essence of celebrating Diwali. No fancy candles and no electric lamps can take the charm of using them during the festivals. Here are few ideas how they can be used to fill up some more light in our lives…..

Placement matters– Using diya’s in a motif shape or randomly in a bunch makes a lot of difference. For example place diya’s like this in three circles, all in different sizes for an assorted look. You can use real flowers at the center to add a dose of color to the pattern. Using rangoli with the lights will look great too.

Diya with flower garlands– Fresh flowers make the ambience feel so relaxing, calm and add a positive vibe too. You can use fresh flower garlands with the diya for a divine feel. This pattern in a zig zag form is great for making borders.

Decorate with Rangoli– Rangoli is an essential part of the Diwali decor and is considered as an auspicious thing on this occasion. But nothing like decorating it with lights and diya’s as they instantly bright up the entire design.

Use earthen pots– If you have old earthen pots in which you often get dum biryani from the market, or generally cook your food in them, then next time save these utensils for projects like these. Fill the pot with water and add flower petals and flower in and around it. Place some diyas and light up any corner of your home with this elegant decor idea.

Nothing like Brass– If you like traditional decor then conceptualizing a corner with brass artifacts and utensils is a great idea for your home. Also do not forget to use diya for a special Diwali touch.


Image reference- Pinterest

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