Unique Ways To Hide Partner’s Name In Mehndi Designs

Personalizing things makes anything look better, and seeing the things done just for you and the way you want them to be adds an extra dose of happiness. Same goes for your Mehndi designs as well, one way how you can customize your mehndi designs is by getting the names of your partner done on your hands. And since its Karwachauth what could be a better occasion to do so. Here are few ideas how you can do so….

Heart shape– Using the names of the couple on both the hands enclosed in a heart shape motif is an interesting addition to the otherwise simple mehndi design. You can get the entire name or just a single alphabet done at the center of both the palms.

On the hands– You can also get an alphabet taking the shape of a motif on the hands like this.

Flower power– If you want a simple but unique style then try this. Floral designs look really good, so you can get a floral inspired heart motif done on your hands, inside which the names can be written.

Pendent style-

The chain style– For a simple and a delicate design go for finger designs like this one which extends till the wrist in a chain pattern. You can get the name done in between the chain.

Hide it out– And if you do not want to make it prominent then you can hide out the names on the sides of the finger.

Vertical placement– You can also get the entire name done in calligraphy across the length. It will stand out and will look like a tattoo.



Image reference- Pinterest

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