4 Thoughtful Heena Designs For The Grooms

When it comes to being trendy and fashion conscious our modern day grooms are no less than the brides. They know how to put their best foot forward on their special days. And they are not afraid of experimenting and therefore nowadays we can see grooms going in for different Heena designs which was not a very common tradition before. Here are some unique Heena design ideas for the grooms.

Name of the bride– Get the name of the bride itched in your hand for the special day. There are many heena designs to choose from for this style, and needless to say that your life partner will feel really special seeing her name itched there.

Speak your heart out– If you can’t express something in words or in person then this is the right time and the right occasion to do so. Include your thoughts in your mehndi and it will be super heartwarming expression for both of you as a couple.

Initials– If you are a shy groom or do not want to make the heena design very prominent to others then something simple like this is good to do. Get the initials of your names done along with some heart or floral designs.

Use slokas and mantras– Marriage is an auspicious occasion and therefore using traditional mantras and slokas in any way possible is a great thing to do. So using slokas for mehndi design is one great option to go for.

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