5 Ways To Adorn A Jaali Bun Look

If you are planning on having a bun hairstyle for any function then you must have thought of hundreds of ideas to accessorize it. And we will give you one such idea here in this article which is super easy to use on a simple bun. Using a jaal for accessorizing bun is common, but do you know that there are so many design options to choose from. Well have a look here and thank us later….

Beaded jalli– Transparent bead jaali is perfect for you if you want to highlight your bun in a subtle way. The transparent beads will give a 3-D look on your hair, and the look of the bun can be further enhanced by using real flowers. Since the beads are transparent so you can easily use any color to pair it with.

Pearl Jaali– To add a decorative look to your bun use a pearl jaali. They come in different designs and look simply great. You can also use contrast color real flowers at the lower bun to give a little dramatic look to your hairstyle.

Floral Jaali– The elegance and charm of using real flowers is unmatched. So if you want a sober, elegant and chic look then use real flower bun jaali to accessorize your bun. You can use mogra flowers for the jaali and use contrast color gajra around it to make it look more colorful.

Bun jaali jewelery– These are available in different designs and is probably one of the oldest ways to use a bun jaali. If you want to achieve a jeweled look then use this kind of jaali which will match with the rest of the jewelery.

3-D look– When the jaali is created with the hair strands then it gives a 3-D effect which looks mesmerizing. If you don’t want a contrast look on the bun then use this kind of jalli cover.

Gota Jaali– To make the bun cover look all glitters use a gota jaal to make the hairstyle look more special.

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