6 Ways To Highlight Your Plain bridal Bun

Almost eighty percent of the Indian brides end up styling their wedding look in a bridal bun. And why not, as bun is a fuss free hairstyle which does not need retouching every time it goes off the place. But if you have opted for a bun with single round of flowers then look at these ideas which will instantly pep up the look of your plain bun.

Pearl strings– Using pearls for your bridal bun looks so ravishing and elegant. Pearl pins can be used all over the bun or you can also use pearl strings in a certain design for a patterned look. Add fresh flowers to make your hairstyle look complete.

Gota interwine– Needless to say that gota in every shape, size and design is trending for bridal fashion and otherwise too. So when doing a bun you can use thin gota laces to braid along with the bun. Highlight the lower half of the bun with fresh flowers like in this picture for a surreal look.

Stone highlight– You can also use different stones to highlight a plain bun. Sprinkle stones all over or create a pattern of your choice. You can also use colored stones instead of the silver or the gold ones to match your attire.

Use jewelry– When you feel that you really need to add up a jeweled look to your bun then use a jewelry piece or a small broach to highlight your bun. You can use a single broach at the center or use more fancy ones with strings and latkans.

Use small flowers– Fresh flowers like baby’s breath flower can also be used to highlight the plain area of the bun.

Floral jali– Use fresh flowers floral jaali to cover your plain bun if you want to give your bun a decorative and heavy look.

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