7 Plant Favors For Your Wedding Which Will Be Loved By Everyone!

Choosing favors for your wedding is a very difficult task as the choices are unlimited. But if you really wish to gift something really out of the box, or if you are looking for a eco friendly wedding favor then do watch out for these beautiful plant favors….

Flowers in pots– Gifting flowers is one of the best idea to go with. Flowers in different shades will look great on a customized stand like this and will also give a happy and positive vibe to the ambience. Framed pictures of the couple with personalized taglines will make this corner more special.

Succulent in bucket– Succulents are the best plants to gift as they survive easily and do not need much care. Needless to say that they look beautiful and are also easy to grow. Gifting them in a steel bucket is also an option.

Go for simple seeds– Instead of gifting plants you can also gift seeds to your guests. Give seeds pouches a customized look by adding names of the couple.

Indian herbs– You and your guests will simply love this idea. Gifting scared Indian plants like holy basil, Ashoka, Banana etc. is also a great gifting idea.

Bamboo in glass– Bamboo shoots are known to be an idle gifting option, so if you are thinking of gifting something special then go for it.

Air plants– This is an another option which is super easy and fuss free to grow. Air plants are hard to die and again do not need much care. Present them in a glass jar or terrarium.

Mini gardens– This adorable gift will be loved by everyone. Take help of a professional to build this lovely mini garden for your guests.

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