3 Ways To Make Bride And Groom Feel Special At Phera Ceremony

Often we read is how to make guests feel special at your wedding, but what if the relatives or the family members plan things for the couple. And planning something special and surreal for the phera’s will be loved by everyone. Needless to say that a small gesture like this will make the couple feel so special and loved. Have a look at these inspirational ideas…..

Flower arrangement– A corner dedicated for marigold flowers is such a loved idea. Marigold flowers are considered so auspicious and are therefore an integral part of Indian weddings. Create a special arrangement for the guests for them to know that they can use these flowers to shower at the couple after the phera’s.

Indian Bells– Ringing the bells is an another great idea to announce that the couple is now officially man and wife. This can be done after every phera, or just after when the seven phera’s are done. Imagine the ambience soar into the sweet sound of the ringing bells…. how thoughtful isn’t it.

Sparkles– Imagine the happiness this will bring to the newlyweds when they will see the guests lighting up the sparkles all at one go. Decide when this has to be done and it will be a truly mesmerizing moment for everyone.

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