Floral Photo Booth Ideas For Indian Weddings

Weddings are special and so is the decor for these functions. The new decor trend says that a photobooth is a must have element in your wedding. Be it Haldi, Mehndi or the wedding, you must have a photo booth to entertain your guests. Here are few photobooth ideas with real flowers which are picture perfect for any wedding…..

Flower strings– Real flower strings look so pretty and add a vibrant hue to the ambience. Strings made of assorted flowers in two three shades look best, if not then a single color string looks good too.

Flower strings with photographs– Pictures add a special touch to the decor and combining them with flowers will make your wedding decor look more special. Call in for the pictures of close family and friends and watch them go emotional seeing this wall. Its a perfect photobooth idea for a function like Mehndi and Haldi.

Props– A simple colored background with strings of marigold flowers make a vibrant backdrop for pictures. Adding a prop like a cycle or a scooter or even a cart, all decorated with flowers makes it look more interesting. Don’t forget to keep few quotes props for a fun addition.

Photo frames– Tassels, Photoframes, marigold flowers and colorful props when all put together, they combine to make a perfect photo booth for a Mehndi ceremony.

Thick Flower strings– Thick floral strings placed vertically with real leaves and buds at the top looks interesting as a backdrop for pictures. You can also make a seating arrangement by placing printed high chairs for an interesting twist.

Green wall with flowers– Taking inspiration from the wall garden patterns, this perfect photobooth idea has a green grass wall in the backdrop with assorted and colorful flowers hanging in bunches at the top. Perfect for a fairytale decor.

Fuse mirrorwork– Mirrorwork can be done on the backdrop for a bling and shiny look. Mirrorwork strings or cutouts are perfect to combine with real flowers for a backdrop.

Ring strings– This unique photobooth setup is quite dreamy one. Strings with bulbs and metallic rings are done beautifully with assorted flowers and make a picture perfect photo booth for the guests.

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