4 Ways To Look Sassy In Real Flower Kalerein

Kalerein are an essential part of Indian bridal jewellery. But the latest trend says how about using real flowers instead of the artificial ones to make them. Real flowers add an authentic and elegant charm which an artificial jewellery can never match upto. The best thing is that you can easily match the shades of your attire with the real flowers. Here are some ideas….

Layered look– Uneven strings of real flower buds go perfectly with every attire in any color. It is something which looks stunning and elegant with every Indian attire. You can go for matching rose flowers or contrast color flowers to finish the bottom of these floral kalerein.

Matching bracelet– The best look comes when the kalerein is attached to a matching floral bracelet. Again for this look you can go for an uneven strings length or keep them upto same length like in the picture.

Power of Roses– Though the picture shows this jewellery done with artificial flowers, but how about doing the same with real flowers. The same thing done with real rose flowers will give the kalerein an altogether different look. You can also combine different shades of a color for this jewellery.

The bold look– You can also go for some bold designs in this category. For example picking up on big flowers and getting a two layered floral kalerein will ensure to make you look like million bucks.

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