Announce Engagement In Style With These Mesmerizing Photo Ideas

Posing for wedding shoots require a lot of homework. Well its always better to prepare and plan yourself beforehand to save your time. Also planning ahead ensures that you get what you want, and are not left guilty afterwards that you could not make the most of the shoots. So we have a couple of ideas here which you can include while announcing the world that you are engaged….

Posing while exchanging rings– Posing in a way that you both are seen exchanging the rings is a great way to announce that you are engaged. And when you have to capture this moment in one shot, then what can be more mesmerizing than posing like this.

Say it in a cool way– To announce that you have finally won over your lady love, a cool pose like this will definitely work. The blur background will give the rings that space to stand out.

Compassion– A compassionate pose like this one will surely rule on your social media accounts. The best way to tell the world that you are no more single, and have found someone special in your life.

Go the simple way– You can also choose traditional way of announcing the news. And though these are simple hand poses but the picture tells a thousand words. It shows how you both have decided to be with each other for the rest of the life, while understanding the fact that you both are responsible to each other from now onwards. No matter what you won’t let each other go.

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