4 Ways To Announce Save The Date But…..With Heena Hands

Generally, how do you announce Save The Date…. well you either make a nice digital or soft card or simply go by word of mouth. Sometimes a photo from your pre-wedding shoot can serve as a perfect page for this announcement. But how about announcing it through heena hands….Well we have a few ideas….

Simple style– If you are someone who likes to say things in a simple way, then go this way. Mehndi done in a simple way with just the alphabets of your name would be enough to announce the engagement. Don’t forget to mention the date and place.

The heart shape– You can also take help of the conventional heart shape motif to announce the date and the place. Your names can be designed over the wrist in a bold way. Hands done fully with a design would make your announcement more prominent.

Getting married– The same heart shaped design can also be done in Arabic mehndi style. If you don’t want mehndi motifs to cover your entire hand, use simple motifs to fill your hands.

Use a picture– You can also get your couple photo portray done on your hands along with the chess symbols of queen and king.

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