5 Belt Styles To Match With Your Saree

How can you best accessorize a traditional saree, well how about using a waist belt. Sarees look great with a waist belt or kamarband, and is therefore one of the best accessory to wear with your bridal wear. These are a few styles which you can choose from…

Jeweled belt– A fine and thin belt done in a jeweled styled is perfect for those who want something delicate yet flashy to go with their saree.

Metallic belt– A simple plain metallic belt will look great on pastel colored sarees. It is also a great way to add a modern touch to your traditional saree.

Fabric belt– Fabric belts look great too, especially when you want something matching and muted. You can also match the embroidery of your blouse with your belt.

Kundan– Kundan belts add a grace and style to your saree. They are perfect for those who are looking for a glass jewellery which is not too flashy but still looks awesome.

Carved metallic belts– Traditional metallic belts with designs carved on it are one of the most commonly used style. Whether plain or a heavily embroidered saree blouse set, this belt goes with both the styles.

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