Wearing Saree In A Belted Style

Sarees are no longer just worn in the traditional style but is considered as the most stylish garment which can be worn with so many other accessories for a stylish look.

Here is the latest trend of teeming belts with sarees, so whether traditional or funky, style your sarees in this new Bollywood trend.

Plain sarees– Style your plain sarees by accessorizing them with a nice belt at the waist. Match the look of the saree according to the occasion, like if you are on a casual outing then go for a matte leather belt, and if you are attending a party or a wedding then embroidered belts are best to bring a bling and glamorous look to a plain saree. Word of caution, do not wear the embroidered belts too broad, otherwise they will look like a bad patch over the saree. The only time they can be worn a little broad are if they are done in a cutwork style.

Tone on Tone sarees–  The best way to style a tone on tone embroidered saree is to pair them with a matching belt, you can also go in for a contrast one, but make sure that its not a broad one for this type of a saree.

Silk Sarees– Thinking about how to wear the traditional bordered silk saree, then this will be a stylish way to flaunt them. Combine them with broad bow or buckled belts.

Half half saree– I love this style of saree and generally the plain ones with rich fabric textures, they look so modern. Next time pair such saree with a thin bow belt.

Traditional jeweled belts– Saree with a jeweled prints look awesome with a jeweled belt or a traditional tagri  worn at the waist.

Cotton saree– They look very nice when worn in a belted style. You can take a nice pleated seedha palla too.

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