5 Trendy Alternatives Of Blouse For Regular Saree’s

There is so much more to saree‘s than simply wearing them with matching blouses. Well, you can wear them with so many different things to create an ultimate fusion look. This is how you can do it and here are some options..

Classic white shirt– A white shirt looks simply amazing with sarees. Just remember to use a little bit of antique jewellery with the white shirt to balance this fusion look. For example oxidized silver jewellery looks really good with this look, so you can go for bold neck piece’s or bangles in this material.

Bodysuit– Try wearing a bodysuit with your saree, believe us it will not only look amazing, but will also add a retro feel to your look.

Denim shirt jacket– Wearing denim shirt with a saree is a great way to bring a nice contemporary touch to your saree look. You can replace your blouse with this shirt jacket, or simply wear it over the blouse.

Style with Kurti– Kurti definitely brings in a lot of charm to the saree look. Depending on the material of the saree you can choose your kurti. For example if its a printed chiffon saree, then you can combine it with a cotton or rayon kurti.

Long top– You can also wear your saree with a long top. Just try to fix the saree with a belt at the waist, addition of the belt will make your attire look more modern.

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