5 Interesting Mehndi Ideas For The Groom

Mehndi for the groom is as important as for a bride. But if you are confused about what and how to do then we have a few ideas for you. So get inspired and impress your bride with these ideas…

The doli look– A simple doli motif would look really good. Don’t forget to add the name of the bride, and this will make her pretty happy for sure.

Finger designs– Though simple circular design is very common, but you can make it interesting by adding your and your bride’s name. Go a step ahead and get the fingers done too.

Half circular designs– These are done on one side of the hand and is also one of the most simplest of all the designs. So if you want to keep it simple then this design is for you.

Do it the Nick style– Remember what Nick Jonas did on his wedding. He got Priyanka’s name added to the popular mantra. Now no wife can deny loving this one.

Full hands– This one is completely awesome but only if you have the guts to flaunt it. Or you can even get only the palms done in Ranveer Kapoor style.

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