6 Perfect Ways To Create Interesting Backgrounds For Mehndi Function At Home

Hosting a Mehndi function at home is not so easy. But if you go with your creative instincts and put in little bit of efforts, then it can be a fun task to do. Plus you end up saving a lot of money too. Here are a few interesting ways to create a stage or a background for the bride to sit.

Play with curtains– Colorful curtains along with fairy lights is the simplest of all the decor ideas which you can go with. Use colorful lamps, tealights, cushions around this setup. You can also put a few embroidered umbrella’s near the seating area.

Use saree’s– Mamma’s can rent you out a few colorful saree’s from their wardrobe to create an interesting background like this.

Paper ribbons– Use a combination of colorful paper ribbons and tasseled strings for a unique background. Take help of embroidered or printed cover for the sofa and use colorful cushions to jazz up the entire setting.

Colorful kites– Use colorful kites to brighten up plain backgrounds for Mehndi decor. You can mix and match by adding little bit of mirror and gota work on the kites, or simply use cushion covers in traditional mirror and gota work.

Use puppets– Simply hang colorful fabrics at the background by pleating them, now this will require little bit of skills to get through. Once done use marigold flower strings to highlight the divisions. Use traditional puppets or kathputli as highlight of this decor.

You can also skip the idea of using so many colors and go with a single color background instead or get the whole thing pre-stitched from a nearby tailor for a quick fix.

Go with the drapes– Simple drapes with colorful fabrics look interesting too. You can use plain backgrounds with printed drapes for a different look.

2 thoughts on “6 Perfect Ways To Create Interesting Backgrounds For Mehndi Function At Home

  1. The backdrop cloths you have used in stage decoration for mehindi, will you sell those cloths (Banaras) too

    1. Dear Santhosh,
      We do not sell but provide you with creative ideas which you can use at your end.These are normal fabrics which you can pick from any local shop depending upon the texture you want for the drapes.

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