Decor Ideas For Mehndi Ceremony

Mehndi is the most fun filled ceremony out of all the ceremonies of the wedding. Everyone is in a light, fun and playful mood. Therefore the colors which rule this function are Fuschia pinks, Olive green, Yellow and Orange. Swings, picture frames, bangle counter, mehndi there is so much one can work around for a creative decor.Here are few ideas which are in trend for this function…..


Decorated Photo Frame  Say Cheeseeeee… a well decorated photo frame in bright shades which is further highlighted with fresh flowers is the latest thing for the decor. You and your family members, relatives, friends can have their own personal framed picture of theirs in a true Bollywood style


Decorated Swings – Bright and colorful swings decorated with marigold flowers instantly brings out the child inside you. Whether you are young or old, this idea will be favorite for everyone. 


Sitting for the bride – Well this should be the most creative part of the decor, as most of the pictures will be taken in this area, so you cannot neglect it. Making it bright and vibrant will make the bride cheerful too. Use bright cushions in different shades and marigold flowers in orange and yellow. 


Bangle stall  In order to keep your female guests engaged, try putting up an accessory and a bangle stall. You can keep different bangles for gifting here and the guests can choose what they want. Small items like bindis, rings, nail paints can also be kept.


Wedding Favors  A great idea for giving favours especially for this occasion. Presenting candies, chocolates, dry fruits and other stuff in a mehndi cone totally justifies the wedding theme.


Umbrellas – They look kitschy and adds lots of color to the event. Using them for the decor is a super duper idea for the Rajasthani inspired theme too.


Rickshaw ride  This adds a playful drama to the occasion. Great for clicking pictures, this is the latest trend to follow for the wedding decor. Instead of Rickshaw, Bicycle, scooter anything can be picked and they will look equally dramatic.


Image Reference:  Pinterest

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