Keeping Things In Mind For Mehndi Ceremony

Choose Right Colors– Colors play an important part in Mehndi ceremony. It is generally associated with colors like Olives, Greens and Yellow. Therefore mix and match it up with bright colors like bright pinks,  purple, orange. Mix and match these colors either in garments or with accessories and flowers.

Pick up Fresh Flowers For Jewelry– The latest trend is to use jewelry made out of fresh flowers for Mehndi ceremony. Flowers like Marigold, different shades of roses, mogra are commonly used. Not only flowers but their buds are also used for making different designs. Choose flowers according to the dress, and you can match up the color of flowers to the colors of your dress.

Choose Design of the Dress wisely– Sharara is in fashion nowadays. This is the best time to try this style with a long or a short kurta. If you are not a fan of this style you can choose from loose palazzos or a skirt. But try wearing something which is breathable, loose and not fitted at bottom since tight bottom will spoil your mehndi. Also short sleeves or sleeveless is the best option for this occasion. Short skirts with kurta and waistcoat is also a good option if you want to try something unusual rather than wearing lehngas.  Front open kurtas and skirts are also a good option.

Footwear– Since its a function where you are supposed to show few of your dancing skills too, so try wearing something which is open and flat. Flats will definitely be more comfortable than heels also it won’t hurt your feet considering the fact that the next day you have to be on your toes for long hours in heels. Go in for plain or embroidered moires or juties for a traditional look.

Mix and match Prints and Brocades– This is the only occasion where you can experiment a lot with your looks in terms of garments and accessories. Since prints are in fashion, experiment with them for a different and contemporary look. Also traditional fabrics like brocades never go out of fashion, so mix and match them. Tie and dye fabrics are also a good option and look good in bright colors.

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