Gota Jewelry For Brides

Mehndi function is all about fun, dance and drama for the Brides’s family. Therefore, we can see lots of bright colors like yellow, green, olives, Fuschia pinks to make the occasion more lively. We often discuss about the trends in dresses for the brides, but here we will discuss about the latest trend in jewelry for this special occasion. Fresh floral jewelry and Gota jewelry are the latest trend for the brides. Chosen especially for the Mehndi functions, this new trend is a must try for every bride who wants to stay with the trends. This type of Jewelry is done in different patterns with gota set with different stones and plastic flowers. It is also fused with real flowers in some cases. Rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Maang Tikka, Passa, Bangles almost everything is done in gota. The best thing is that unlike costume jewelry it can be customized according to your taste and requirement, which is not possible in the previous case. You can get the jewelry done in the colors matching to your dress too. No other jewelry can be more interesting for this occasion, as it is bright, very vibrant, and comes with a play of different colors and textures.


Full Gota Sets for Brides– As said, customize the colors in the jewelry according to the shade of your garment. You can also mix and match it up with contrast colors to add a little bold and vibrant look. Neckpiece, maang tikka, earrings, baju band are all done in gota work. Mix and match of pearls looks great too. You can also get a jutti done in the same combination too.


Gota Bangles– Bangles in different shapes and designs look gorgeous for the Mehndi ceremony. Yellow and green are the basic colors for any Mehndi function. You can choose these colors for your dress or for the accessories. Thick bangles can be worn with a touch of floral motifs on it.


Gota with flower inserts-Apart from small artificial flower buds, it can also be mixed and matched with real flowers, though extra care is required for real flower jewelry.


Bridal set– Mirror-work is also an important part of gota jewelry, it gives it a different and vibrant appeal. Pom Pom balls, which come in different colors also look great with this kind of a jewelry.

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