Gota For Wedding Decor

Gota is often regarded as a loud element to embellish either garments which is favorite among the brides, or nowadays it is even popular in the form of gota jewelry which again is a first choice of brides for ceremonies like Mehndi function. But another growing trend is using gota for wedding decor, and it will leave the guests speechless as it looks so bright, beautiful and traditional.

Here are few examples…

Gota Cushions– Adding linens embellished with gota is one of the easiest and best way to add some fun and glitter to the linens used for the wedding. They look so nice and bright and add a traditional yet fun element to the otherwise boring linens, which are usually done in plain solid colors.

Gota Mandap– How about transferring those regular floral decorated mandap by something unusual and trendy like gota hangings. They will add a bling and glitter to the wedding theme.


Gota latkans– Tassels or latkans made out of gota is also a nice prop to use for decor. They are so easy to use that you can simply hang or stick them to any surface like walls, trees etc. How about creating an entrance like this.

Gota Room– And if you do not want the gota to overtake the overall decoration, or even if you want to mix other elements like flowers or so, then use gota extensively for a separate corner. A separate bridal room with all gota decoration is also a great idea. You can have cushions, curtains and the backdrop done entirely in gota.


Gota props– Using gota inspired props like gota flowers and gota and pom pom wheels look awesome too.

All white decor– If you generally don’t like the bright and bold look of gota as it is done on colorful backgrounds, then choose an all white decor. It looks equally pleasing.



Image reference: Pinterest

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