Choora Designs For Brides To Be

A Choora is a set of bangles that are usually red and white, traditionally made of ivory with inlay work but are now generally made with plastic and are worn by a bride on her wedding day.

Red is a symbolic color for a newly wed girl, therefore the choora or the bangle set is done primarily on red with a mix of a contrast color like an ivory.

Though it came in simpler versions before, now it can be seen in various modern designs and mix and match.

Here are few choora styles for brides in trend nowadays….

The Diamond Way – Choora bangles combined with diamond or zerkin kara is the latest trend. It adds a bling touch to the choora which is often done in matte finish. If you have chosen a jewelry in diamond or kundan for the wedding day, then this can be a perfect choice for the same.

The glass bangle style – And if you don’t like the plastic bangles in the typical choora style, then create your own version with glass bangles combined with zerkin bangles in plastic and kundan kara.


Pair with antique silver – If you have a antique silver or a vintage embroidery in your dress or lehnga, then this could be your perfect choice. Though they mostly come with gold variations, but you can get it customized with a vintage silver look.


Colored Choora Designs – They come in colors too, nowadays they are available in different pastels shades too, as many brides are opting for a day wedding and pastel shades for lehngas. It’s a good break from the traditional red ones.


Kundan Inspired – Kundan looks graceful everytime you pair it with anything, choora designs done with kundan look gorgeous and high on elegance for every bride.



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