How To Wear Red Bridal Lehngas

Red Bridal Lehngas are in fashion these days. Red is a very obvious traditional choice for the people who are opting for Bridal wear or Bridal lehngas.

The first thing which most of us imagine about a bridal lehnga is the color red.

Red is synonymous with Bridal wear and weddings in India. Many brides choose for an all red attire for the wedding, while some like to mix and match the things and infuse different colors with red to break the monotony of the single red color.

But do you know that you can style the look of your lehnga by taking the dupatta’s in so many different ways and by adding a jewelry in a different style. Hair and makeup are an essential part too.

Here are few examples….

Take one dupatta from the back and tie it at the opposite shoulder in a pleated form. The other dupatta can cover the head. The hairstyle can be simple with middle parting and done into a bun at the back. Remember to choose a heavy matha patti and nose pin for this style, as the hairstyle is not puffed, so a bold jewelry will be perfect for the same. Also the color of one of your dupatta can be in a contrast color like an off white or a light gold if you want to do it into a contrast.

Remember how you tie a saree palla, well fix one of your dupatta in the same style, starting from the side front bring it from the back and tye it at the same shoulder at the front. The second dupatta can be pleated and pinned on the opposite side shoulder and the same dupatta can cover your head too. Hairstyle with a little puff without any parting can be tried. Bold neckpiece and delicate two string mattha patti can be tried, giving nosepin a miss.

What if you do not feel like taking the dupatta over the head like a typical bride. Well tie it in a saree way. The palla can be left as is hanging at the back or take it on one hand like in this picture. The other dupatta can be tied on the opposite shoulder. Do the hair in a puff style with curls and back bun.

The seedha palla style is also very popular and looks best with a net dupatta. The second dupatta goes simply over the head with really bold jewelry for a royal look.

– If you are a modern bride, then an idea of wearing a sleeveless blouse with a traditional lehnga will be a good option for you. Take a single dupatta in a seedha palla style. Don’t forget to have the hands done in mehndi untill upper arm, as you are wearing a sleeveless cut.

Image reference: Pinterest

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