Eye makeup for brides

Eye Makeup Trend For Brides

Makeup is an essential part of bridal look. In fact it is so important that if the makeup goes wrong then even the best of the clothes can not cover up the blunder. On the contrary a good makeup can completely change our look. Similarly a good eye makeup is a key essential for a bridal look. If this is done correctly, then everything else goes easy. Here are few bridal eye makeup trend which will be helpful for our brides to be to choose, as how they want their makeup to be…

All gold– If your lehanga has golden embroidery and you want to highlight the same in the makeup, then having a glitter golden shadow is the best thing. Complete the look with a black liner.


Double liner style-A relatively new style for eye makeup, it looks stylish and different. Create a base tone according to your choice, it can be in matte shade or matching to the colors of your ensemble. Highlight the look by thick black liner in a double pattern like this.


Smokey eyes with a glitter touch– So if you are a fan of smokey eye makeup, and still want it to shine, then get a combination of a glitter base in gold or silver and highlight it further with a smokey look.

Cat’s eye style– Cat’s eye liner style is very popular, it can be tried if you want very defined eyes, can also be combined with smokey eyes look.

Colors of the attire– Instead of going for natural eye makeup colors like black, grey’s, browns, one can also use the colors of the dress for eye makeup. This will give a personalized matching appeal to the makeup done.


Go bold with the eyes– If your dress has dark shades and has an all over heavy embroidery work, then you can choose for neutral makeup, which will compliment and balance the entire look without making it look overdone. Go bold with the eye makeup like this, and keep the rest of the makeup neutral.



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