Exploring Winged Eyeliner Styles

Probably one of the best styles in eyeliner technique is the winged or the cat’s eye style. Not only it’s fashionable but it also helps in making the eye’s look fuller and big. It is one makeup trick which if done correctly, can take over the rest of the make up entirely. There are many different styles in this though, like the classic ones with less curve and the heavy dramatic ones with fuller curves. Here are few styles which you can try too….

Simple winged and mascara– Always remember to even out the tone of your skin by applying a loose powder compact or a natural base so that the eye makeup comes out nicely and prominently. This one is the simplest of all the combinations. Just apply mascara to the lashes after you are done with the eyeliner. You can also apply transparent mascara instead of black one. Mascara provides the much needed volume and shape to the lashes for the liner to show up. No eye shadow is needed in this style.

The double color style– They look great for a party. Just put a thin coat of the winged style liner and highlight it further by putting a line in a contrast color. You can choose the color of your dress or a shade in a sparkle golden, silver or bronze will also look great.

Double winged style– They give a dramatic look to the eyes. Double winged can be created by in two ways, either by creating double line over each other on the upper eye or by matching out a line from the lower part of the eye.

The Egyptian style– Drama and style are the key features of this type. It is done in many ways and is generally a exaggerated version.

Halfway winged– As the name suggests, it starts halfway through the upper eye but do not worry, as it does not looks incomplete.

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