Eye Liner Stickers Or Tattoo’s For Easy And Précised Eye Makeup

Eyeliner stickers can be your ultimate makeup savior. If you have always struggled to get those strokes correct then this product is basically for you. It is basically a temporary tattoo sort of a thing which in most cases can be reused. You just have to paste it correctly with precision, that’s it. The best thing about these stickers is that it is available in different styles and colors. Some also come with the eye lash attachment which literally is the best thing you can ask for. Have a look at these different styles….

Different stylesWinged to catseye and what not, well these stickers or temporary tattoo’s are available in different shapes and each and every one of them looks so amazing.

Colored liners– These liners are available in different colors so you can pick something to go with your attire easily. They are also available in glitter tones so you don’t have to worry about your party wear look.

Colored mix– They also come with different colored inserts which are done in different shapes. Though using them in day to day life is not possible until you are going for a theme party. If so then do try them…..

Eye lash attachment– This one is pretty perfect for every girl. The eyelashes have a liner attachment which makes it a must have for every vanity. You will never go wrong with your eye makeup with this one.

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