Colored Eyeliner looks for the Indian brides

Not always you have to go for smokey eyes which at the end are finished with black eyeliner. Colored eyeliners are very much in fashion right now, and our contemporary brides definitely know how to rock this look. Here are a few choices…

Winged style– Colorful eyeliner can be done with a matching eye shadow, but to make it look more prominent and to highlight your eyes boldly go for a nice winged style. Bold Winged style eyeliner will give your eyes that special touch for the evening.

Combine with black– You can also combine black with any color of your choice. Let black eyeliner sit on the upper lashes and you can take the second color to highlight the lower lashes.

Go pretty with colors– Contrast eyeshadow and eyeliner give a perfect look to the eyes of this bride. Highlighting the inner corners with the white powder makes this eye makeup truly to stand out. Its a perfect day makeup look and will give a very feminine and girlish look.

Go contrast– If you have a day wedding and are planning to wear a pastel shade lehnga then do go for a contrast shade eye liner. It will instantly brighten up your face and makeup. Now how gorgeous is this…isn’t it.

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