6 Ways To Rock The Neon Eye Makeup Look

Neon eye makeup is something really in nowadays. From simple liner strokes to bold multi color eye shadow looks, this style has got something for everyone. Here are a few ways to rock this trend…

All over style– Simply use a neon shade eye shadow all over the eyelids, with a silver touch-up at the inner corner of the eye. Use eye liner and mascara to finish the look.

Simple liner– To go a little subtle with this look, simply choose to use a neon eyeliner to highlight the eyes.

Double eyeliner– To make neon eye liner stand out you can use a black eye liner to highlight it.

Use two different shades– If you are really serious about the neon eye makeup look, then you can also go a little overboard with it. Use an eye shadow all over the eyelids and use a contrast shade neon liner to line the lower lids.

Go dramatic– Highlight the inner corner and the outer lid areas with a neon color shadow, and don’t forget to line the eyes in a winged style with a black eyeliner.

Double dose– Use different neon colored liners to highlight your eyes and the mixture of colors will look super cool.

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