5 Ways To Add A Blue Shade To Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is something which every girl is interested in. But gone are the days when eye makeup meant using just a few shades of brown and black. Well now there are so many other colors to choose from. And here is how to use a blue shade in your eye makeup.

Color the lower eye– To bring a colorful look to your regular eye makeup, use a blue eye liner on the lower eye which can be combined with a mascara of the same shade.

Use only the liner– If you want to keep it simple, just use the blue eyeliner and give the mascara a miss. Match this style with a black winged style eyeliner and a basic brown eye shadow and it will look surreal.

Highlight with blue– You can also use a blue eye shadow to highlight the lower eye area.

Half half look– If going totally blue is not your cup of tea then this what will impress you. A balanced way to use both the shades.

The subtle highlighter– The easiest way to use a blue shade in your eye makeup is to use it along with your black eye liner like this. Quick and easy….isn’t it.

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