Neon Nail Art – Burst Of Colors

Neon shades are around since a long now, and are still going strong. There are apparel, footwear, accessories in neon shades for the fashion lovers, but for the ones who like to play minimalistic, trying out neon shades in nail art is a good option. You can club your boring neutral shades outfits with a pop up of these shades. This style will definitely make you stand out. Here are few options to try out…..

Neon Shade and Glitter– Teaming up a single shade with a hint of glitter sprinkle looks good.


Neon with Neutral shades– Combine eye catching neon shades with a pop up of neural shades like black, brown, white, tan for a mix and match. You can also create a print pattern similar to your outfit.


Multicolor Neon shade– Combine different shades at one time, you ca also create some pattern in between.


Extra dose of Glitter– The glitter take a toll in this design with just a hint of neon shade.


Polka Dot Fever– Create polka dots over neon shade, you can create it with a neutral shade or with other contrast neon shades.


Negative Design Pattern– Create patterns in negative style with contrast neon shades or a mix of neutral shade.


Neon Shade and stones– Combine stones and jerkins with neon splash.


Transparent nails and neons– Combine neon shades in just a little peek-a-boo style and cover them up with transparent paint for finish and gloss.

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