Henna Design Ideas

If you are not a lover of those chemical inks on your body, you can definitely try Heena for your Tattoos.

First of all they are temporary and therefore you have a freedom to change the motifs accordingly.

Secondly, you do not need to go through so much pain to ink down your body, and that too with the chemicals which are not so good for your health.

Henna definitely is a life savior in this case and that too all chemical free. But its application is not confined only till hands and feet, you can use it creatively on your other body parts too.

The only drawback with a Henna Tattoo is that it is temporary, but then who wants to see the same tattoo for ages, isn’t it a boon in this sense then.

Shoulder Style– Designing a tattoo over your shoulder is a creative option. Next time you plan to wear sleeveless do add up this style and experiment with the look.

Mid Thigh Style– Would look great with a pair of shorts or skirts. You can experiment with the length of the tattoo though.

Back Style– Thinking of wearing  a low back or backless this evening… then the back henna design is the best for you. Experiment with a single motif or a elongated henna application.

Collar/Neck Style– This design highlights the entire neck and shoulders. Looks great with tube dresses. You can also play with a thick neck designs instead of going all the way to shoulders for a choker look.

Arms and Back style–  An exaggerated version which looks bold as it has a wider frame to cover. You can choose intricate or bold henna designs according to your choice.

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