Growing Your Own Food At Home

In this fast world where everything is becoming quick and instant, we have adopted a lifestyle which hardly is organic and chemical free. Same is the case with our eating habits and for the food choices. We buy which is readily available without thinking much about the origin and the chemicals used to grow them.

The best thing is to buy certified organic veggies from the organic stores, but they are expensive in comparison to other normal veggies. So one more option which you have is to grow few items at home, and you cannot grow everything but few herbs and veggies can be grown at home and that too organically. You will at least know that you are eating something which is chemical free.

And there are so many benefits of growing your food at home.

– First of all, it is free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals. All those veggies and fruits which we buy from the market are full of chemicals which are very hazardous to the health of your family. Ever wondered what it does to our health in the long run, it just gives birth to various diseases which we never had even thought of. Every now and then we hear of some unheard names of the diseases which our parents or grandparents never heard off. So where does it comes from, it comes through the food which we eat which is full of chemicals.

– It is more environment friendly, when we grow food at home it is basically done organically with the help of natural kitchen waste, cowdung etc instead of using chemicals like urea etc for the plant’s growth. In this way we are helping in creating less chemical usage and promoting a good soil health which is essential for future.

– It is good for your health and soul. Ever felt the happiness you get by adding the home grown tomatoes to your sabzi or chutney. You flaunt it with pride and happiness. Growing your own food is a good exercise for your body and a meditation for your soul.

– It tastes great because it is grown organically and will have all the juices and nutrients preserved in it.

This video will inspire you to start growing your food right away….

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