Ways to Build a Ethical Wardrobe

Buy clothes which are durable and high quality, doing so will increase their life span. High quality products do not go off easily and therefore their shelf life is longer then the cheap stuff. Invest in good brands, as a good brand will always deliver better and durable products.

Buy less and take care of the clothes you already have. It’s not that don’t follow the fashion but simply cut down on the purchases a bit. Do not buy unnecessarily or something which you are just going to wear 2-3 times. Remember a piece of clothing creates a lot of pollution while being processed and its carbon footprints remain even after you discard the stuff. So buy only that stuff which you love 100%.

Buy mix and match basic and regular stuff, it will help creating a ethical wardrobe. Choose few basic T-shirts, Tops, Bottoms etc according to your liking’s and few basic accessories and try styling your look around them with mix and match. Choose your garments according to your lifestyle eg, for college, office etc. If you do not party much, then there is no point investing too much on fancy items, as it will just get waste or out of style after some time.

Do not wash unnecessarily, remember a lot of water is needed to wash the garments and it all goes wasted as its hard to recycle it because of the presence of detergent. Detergent too has powerful chemicals which are not good for environment. Go in for environment friendly detergents for washing your garments. Hand wash is preferable than machine wash because machine uses a lot of electricity, which is again not a good idea for a healthy environment. Line dry the clothes instead of tumble dry. Its a good habit to wash your clothes by hand, as it also increases the life of your clothes.

One good habit you should develop if you really care for the environment is to research for organic and sustainable brands around you. Buy from them and promote them for a better future.

Also try to reuse your old clothes. See videos on you-tube about how you can turn your old clothes into something interesting. This way you would be able to create something new from your old stuff.

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