Grow healthy and longer eye lashes naturally

Get Healthy And Longer Eye Lashes Naturally

Poor diet, wrong makeup habits and irregular cleaning and care routine are the reasons for every beauty problem. And who doesn’t want thick and long eyelashes but how about achieving them naturally. Well here is how you can do it….

Take balanced diet with Vitamin E– Start taking vitamin E supplements if you have any hair related problems. Also include Vitamin E rich food in your diet for healthy hair and skin. Do consult doctor before doing so as every body is different. Basically a balanced diet with protein, Vitamins and minerals will help you in achieving good results.

Castor Oil– Castor oil is excellent for hair health and growth and nourishes the hair and makes them strong. At night wash off your face and apply castor oil to the lashes with the help of a cotton bud. Remember not to overdo it as little is enough and be extra cautions of the oil reaching your eyes. Wash off the next morning. Do this thrice a week and you will definitely notice changes within a week or two.

Coconut oil– One of the safest bet for any hair and body problems is coconut oil. Use organic virgin coconut oil for the lashes and repeat the same process as above. Since coconut oil is completely safe you can put it daily or on alternative days.

Green Tea– Green tea has flavonoids which help in stimulating the growth and also cleans the lashes properly. Dip a cotton ball in cold green tea mix and place it over the eyes. Remove and wash after 10-15 minutes.

Limit eye makeup– Do not use too much of eye makeup products and when you do so make sure that you remove it completely and thoroughly before going to bed. Also invest in high quality and genuine products instead of the fake and the cheaper ones available in the market. Cheap products can damage the skin and the lashes completely.

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