Makeup Tricks To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Makeup is important for everyone, but a good eye makeup which makes your eyes look bigger really uplifts the entire makeup done.

Here are few tricks for making the eyes look bigger using makeup tricks…

Shape eyebrows– Shaping up brows is a very important step to make your eyes look bigger. And not only for this purpose, good healthy pair of eyebrows with a perfect arched shape brings in so much beauty to the face. Always get them done in an arched shape as it instantly lifts up the eye area. Brush them nicely to keep up the shape, and highlight them by defining their shape using a eyebrow pencil.

Use Concealer– This is an important step, as the concealer even outs the dark circles and patches around the eyes. But remember to do so evenly without creating any patches.

Use fingers or sponge to even out a coat of concealer around the eyes. Choose a concealer which is slightly lighter than your foundation to brighten up.

Use winged style liner– If you have really small eyes, then this style is probably the best for you. It extends beyond the upper eye in an arched style and therefore makes the eyes look bigger. Do not apply kajal or a liner on the lower part as it will make the eyes appear smaller, if you want to do so then apply it halfway through only.

Highlight waterline– Use a nude color liner to even out the look at the waterlines (the inside lower eye). Nude color ensures that the eyes look big naturally without adding a layer of color.

Curl Lashes– Nobody has perfect lashes but the one which are curled up and are in a shape look attractive and bigger. Invest in a good curler and watch our eyes get an instant uplift by using them.

Use Mascara– A black one gives a nice highlight to the lashes, but if you don’t want to overdo it, then you can also go in for transparent ones which will just make them stay in shape.

Use Highlighter– Use a highlighter or a eye shadow to uplift the area around inner corner and take it eventually to the lower bottom part and finish it around the corner. You can also highlight the brow bones to lighten them up.



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