Know your brush Type

Make up is an essential part of our lives. Whether its going to office or attending any party, makeup has to be perfect for the occasion. But with the right makeup you also need right tools to help you get that perfect look and make up brushes are an essential part of the makeup application. Choosing a right brush for the right thing is very necessary. There are different shapes of brushes available in the market and each of them have their own purpose. There are flat brushes and round brushes. Also Natural Bristles are best with powder products and Synthetic Bristles are good with liquid or cream based products. Lets find out….


Foundation Brush– This type of brush is a flat brush which can be used to apply foundation.


Beauty Blender– A spongy material is used to blend in the makeup. It helps in achieving an even texture of makeup.


Kabuki Brush– A round brush is also available in slanted style like here, and is used to apply blusher and bronzer around your cheeks and jawline.


Powder Brush– Use this brush to apply loose powder evenly all over.


Concealer Brush– The Flat angled brush is used to apply concealer around eyes and blemishes.


Eye Shadow Brush– Use this brush to apply eye shadow evenly around the eyes and under eyes. A small flat brush is good for eye shadow.


Fan Brush– A multi purpose brush with a fan shape helps take out the fallen  eyeshadows under eyes and to stoke with a bronzer.


Lash and Eyebrow comb– Comb and shape your eyebrows with this unique brush. Comb your eyelashes to separate them from becoming clumsy after putting mascara.

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