The Perfect Strokes – Eyeliner

A Perfect eyeliner is the basics of every makeup. It is one of the most used and the most essential item of our daily Make-Up kit. But to get the perfect stoke is not that easy. Since eyes are the main highlight of the makeup tricks one cannot mess with it. Your entire look depends on how beautifully you do it.

A liner is basically used to line the eyes, to highlight them further. The lines can be thick or thin depending on the look you want. There are basically three types of liners available in markets. You can choose between Pencil liners which are used mostly since they are easy to apply. They are good for beginners. Liquid liners needs perfection and they come in waterproof base too and do not smudge. Lastly there are gel based liners too. You can use pencil liners as a base for liquid liners too. Dab some eye shadow in the same shade above your liner to make it stay longer.

Almost all of us face problems every now and then, deciding on how to line our eyes for that perfect look. With this, one also needs to try something different every time. Obviously everyone is tired of seeing you in the same stroke since ages because you haven’t tried anything new. So let’s find out the different strokes which can be used to completely change our look.


With different strokes one should also know about the application tips which will enchance the shape of the eyes the way you want to highlight them.

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