Create New Lash Looks: Switch It Up To Colored Mascara

Wearing the look is easier than you’d think. Some may think the style is not for the faint of heart, but it’s all in how you choose your color.

Its not just about picking shades that complement your skin tone. You should also take your eye color into account as well.

If you want to experiment with metallic s, avoid silver shades on the eyes.

However, bronze, copper and gold look absolutely fabulous for evening. Earthy brown or dark green eye-shadow with flecks of gold are also terrific choices.


Blue Mascara

“It’s best to either match your eye in shades, or go in the exact opposite direction,”

The blue color mascara suits almost all colored eyes, so it’s the most popular one in the international market to the runways right now. They come in all shades like classic cool blue, aquamarine blue, bright blue, dark blue, navy blue, sky blue, electric blue, electric blue, regal turquoise peacock blue and so on.


  • Make a combination of mascara with your eye shadows. Golden eye-shadows always give a stunning look with other color.

Navy Blue

Brushing a vibrant color over just the tips of lashes is a great way to test the waters, but the best way to dip your toe into the trend is to start with one key hue: “Universally, navy blue looks great on all eyes,”


Copper Lashes

Copper color looks good on inner line with smokey eyes make up. You can go for a copper color mascara also to make your lashes shine.


Deep Forest-Green shade

A paler green mascara compliments green eyes that are warmer in shade. For green eyes that have a blue undertone, try deep forest-green shades.


Green Mascara

Best way to apply green mascara by applying it with black color. You can use green color for upper eye lashes and black mascara for lower eye lashes. Or give black shade with green mascara.


Hazel eyes

Try Blue mascara to hazel eyes.

  • Too red toned mascara can bring out the redness in your eyes. So, apply red mascara on upper side lashes and little black or brown on down lashes. You can use red mascara hazel-colored eyes can also experiment with very dark greens and sandy browns as complementary colors.



Purple looks awesome on Green or hazel or even brown eyes. Its various shades are like as Deep purples, plums, eggplants and Purple wine shades and mystique violets. One thing should be kept in mind that wearing purple eye shadow with neutral shades of liner or shadow gives the most enhancement to your eye color.

Bring out your gorgeous green eyes with purple shades of makeup. purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel from green, it’s a great choice for green-eyed gals


Glitter Mascara

there are also some glitter mascaras and golden or pure silver mascara which you’ll sometimes see Brazilian Dancers wearing. Clear mascara is also available to use in combination with colored mascaras.


  • Apply some silver glitter mascara after black mascara to make your lashes more graceful.
  • One more way to use glitter mascara by applying multiple shades on eyes lashes. Let it dry and apply small amount of glitter mascara on lashes.

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