Different uses of lipstick in a makeup

6 Best Alternate Uses Of A lipstick In Makeup

Lipstick is a multifunctional product which can replace most of your beauty products. Especially when you are running out of time to match the correct shades or do not even have one, this is when your favorite lipstick comes to your rescue. Here are few uses of it….

Eye shadow– Yes you can use lip colors as an eye shadow to match it your dress. Take the help of a flat makeup brush to apply the color to your eyes, a flat brush also ensures creating perfect strokes. And Just like a regular eyeshadow, you can also mix and match two shades to create an effect.

Blush-How about matching your blusher with the color of your lips for that all perfect makeup. And using a lipcolor as a blusher has two advantages, first you can match it with your lip color and secondly you can replace the powder blush with a glossy creme effect blush which definitely lasts longer. Just make sure you dab a little on your cheeks without overdoing it.

Contouring and highlight– Brown shades are best to do contouring, while pinks and peaches are great to highlight your features. So next time when you are short of these products try replacing them with lipstick colors.

Concealer– Nude lip colors double up as a concealer for hiding facial marks. They are also great to cover up puffy eyes and dark circles. Just use it normally the way you use a regular concealer and the use the regular pressed powder.

Metallic shades as highlighter– If you like highlighting your face with a touch of gold, silver or bronze, then your loose glitter powders can be replaced by lipsticks in metallic shades. Gold lipstick from L’Oreal, silver from MAC are quite popular.

Eye liner– When you get tired of wearing a black liner, try using a colored one instead which can be easily done with the help of a lip color.

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