Lipstick Hacks

Lipstick Hacks To Remember

Most of us love lipsticks and why not after all it’s an essential part of makeup and beauty. It’s one makeup product which instantly lifts up the entire makeup.

It is so powerful that sometimes you can ditch your favorite accessories to just wear that bold and striking lip color. But beware, it goes totally wrong if not applied correctly.

I have seen so many blunders myself that I feel like going and telling the lady that it’s better not to wear it if you cannot apply it correctly.

Wrong and incomplete application is a big turn off. You spend so much on a right product and then apply it so leniently that it just goes in vein.

Here are few beauty mistakes which we do generally and should be avoided for a flawless and attractive lips.

– The first and the most common mistake is to apply lipstick over chapped and dry lips. Believe me it looks horrible. One trick which i do and is quite quick too, is to apply a lip balm or desi Ghee before starting the rest of the makeup. By the time i have to put the lip color my lips are quite hydrated to take the color nicely. Do remove the extra lip balm by dabbing a tissue paper before applying a lip color. Otherwise it will turn out too greasy.

– Choose a lip liner which is very close to the shade you want to put. Ladies and girls using different shades to line their lips looks so weird, trust me your lips are not a painting canvas where you have to use distinct colors, be gentle and use the same colors for a perfect look.

– One most common problem is bleeding lipstick. After some time the colors start bleeding out and looks horrible. The problem looks major when you put in a dark color lipstick. Correct it from time to time and clean it with a tissue for a long lasting look. You can also use a liner to line the lips and then use the lip color or vice-versa. It keeps the lipstick inside the boundary lines.

– If you want the lipstick to stay for a longer period then apply a coat and then take out the excess color by pressing your lips against a tissue paper. It will absorb all the extra shade, you can apply a second coat thereafter. This way it will stay longer.

– Do not forget corners, cover the entire shape of the lips. And lastly, using a fine brush just dab some face powder around your lips to perfectly highlight them.

For more, watch the video below:

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